7 Ways to Use A Butt Be Dry!

7 Ways to Use A Butt Be Dry!

June 28, 2020

Have you ever been to a concert or a baseball game, it started to rain and your pants were soaked? 

Think about that moment again, remember how uncomfortable it was––wet pants, distracted from your favorite music, or the beauty of one of the greatest games in sports, and even more unfortunate was sitting in your car, after––soaked! Wet seats are awful, and would you even say, it diminished the experience? 

Now, as the saying goes, "It rained on your parade." As you know, the rain showers happen––it's mother nature, but what if you didn't have to focus on your soggy, wet pants? And even with the rain, you were able to enjoy the experience with one less worry and, get into your car post-concert or game, with a dry butt––thus, a clean car––would that make you happy? If so, you are aligned with the years of research the team at Butt Be Dry has done to capture and architect a beautiful garment to protect your experience, and KEEP your Butt Dry. 

If you have a Butt Be Dry already, AMAZING––we love your support and if not, here's where you can grab yours to sit on now and protect yourself from your next rain shower and enjoy the concert, game, hike, or any experience outdoors. And, further below is the 7 Ways to Use A Butt Be Dry: 

  • Sports Games
  • Concerts
  • Hikes/Hunting/Fishing
  • Camping
  • Skiing/Snowboarding 
  • Beach
  • Outdoor Patios/Coffee Shops

In summary, we are here to protect your experience. Imagine the ease it would bring you to know that you never had to worry about soggy pants again? We're here to help your Butt Be Dry.

Stay DRY!


Director of Positivity, BBD