We keep your butt dry!

We got you covered! Wear a Butt Be Dry to protect your butt from wet stadium seating.

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Stand Up to the Elements

In the face of dirt, rain and mud, choose to stay dry with Butt Be Dry!

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Sit Down with Confidence

A whole butt-load of confidence.

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What is Butt Be Dry?

Butt Be Dry \'bət-bē-drī\ (noun): garment worn around the waist that protects your butt from water, mud, and grass-stain. (Commonly used for: sports games, concerts, hiking, beach)


"Butt Be Dry is a great way to protect your moments at any event with friends and fam!"

by Anthony

"One of those 'where the heck has this been all my life' - type products." (translated by his owner).

by Milo "The Pug"

"I actually forget what sitting in a puddle feels like since getting one."

by Ashley