Dan Russell, Founder of Butt Be Dry

The idea of Butt Be Dry originated back in 2012, when Dan and his Dad attended a golf Championship in Rochester, NY. The night before the event, it down-poured making the course wet and muddy for the spectators.

When Dan and his Dad arrived at the event the following day, portions of the course were wet and muddy while other parts were dry. Halfway through the day, they decided to sit on a section of grass that appeared dry, however, when they both stood up Dan's pants were completely ruined by mud and water. They shared a few laughs, but Dan was upset his pants were destroyed.

His dad said, "why isn't there something like a fanny pack that you could wear around your waist to protect your butt from getting dirty?" He continued to say, “Sure, there’s portable chairs, blankets, seat pads, but you have to carry those around ALL DAY! Why isn’t there an easy, portable solution for this?”

Dan developed a solution that would improve everyone's experience at sporting events to come. They both wanted to share their solution to the world so others can protect, and enjoy, the special moments with one less thing to worry about!