We love the outdoors at Butt Be Dry! Whether we are hiking through the Adirondacks, sledding across windy New York State trails, or snowboarding down knarly slopes, it's important to stay dry, safe and warm.

Mother Nature has a habit of making enjoyable moments, less enjoyable and testing our resilience during the most difficult times. It's important to always be prepared.

Quality is critical to our success and your enjoyment. When we created the waterproof material, we were sitting in mud. When we engineered the heated pad, we were outside in sub-zero weather.

We understand the importance of convenience and how exhausting a day in the wild can be, so we used lightweight material and created the waist belt for hands-free portability.

There's no way to control mother nature, but you can always be one step ahead of her. Happy trails, Butt Be Dry.