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Butt Be Dry

Butt Be Dry - Don't leave the house without it.

Tired of standing at a game because the bleachers are wet? Or you've been hiking all day and your legs feel like jello but the ground is way too muddy to sit on? Most of us would sacrifice our expensive sweatshirt or coat for that feeling of ease and relieve. You no longer have to do that!

Lightweight, portable, and 100% waterproof/water impermeable.

Most Commonly Used...

  • Sporting Events
  • Hunting/Hiking/Camping
  • Car seat after workout, run or swim
  • Outdoor Concert Venues
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Beach-Day/Boating
  • Changing Babies On-The-Go
  • Public Transportation (e.g. subway, bus, taxi, airplane)
Light Blue (Yellow)
Green (Yellow)
Camouflage (Yellow)
Purple (Yellow)
Blue (Orange)
Red (White)
Black (Light Blue)
Black (Pink)
Blue (White)
Gray (White)

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